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Want out of "the Matrix" and to take your "Title" back from government?

The Common Law Court has created an International database for all living men and women. By submitting a declaration for your birth, you have confirmed that you exist. This is open to everyone, worldwide. See site for details. Click link to visit site.

AUSTRALIAN property owners! Watch this video for vital info about your mortgage. This affects everyone in Australia. Join the Class Action!

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I do not profit from referrals or any other means by you viewing this content. It is here for you to increase your awareness. Stop listening to and believing what the mainstream media and governments are telling you in their 24/7 FEAR campaign of terror on the TV and radio news.

Truth is censored today because it goes against their objective..

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Music that is relevant in today's world!

Do you know Jesus?

 This man pictured has paid over $3.4 Billion to these organisations over the years. They just happen to be the organisations that are leading the spread of lies to the mainstream media and key persons in every government that was appointed by UN, or has their training.

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