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Some interesting info about the new store and new Loyalty program etc.


Ray Thomson

2020-12-17 1 min read

The brand new store launched as scheduled on 18th December 2020 on the great site building platform,

Functionality checking is underway. You are able to use the store and make purchases (please do!). However, if you find any fault, please let us know via email, or Messenger chat.

Certain content will be added at a later date, such as Product Highlights videos. I will post these as they are created, but for now enjoy the 3D animated videos and there's a music video there by a certain band. I've been a fan since 1984 and that is a small tribute. I think i might change the video on a regular basis, so keep visiting.

Fans of the old Shopify store will notice a massive difference in the layout and speed of the new store. Let me know how it goes for you.

Products count currently is 35.. Hard to believe that i had at one stage 225 products but without the sales to motivate me, that quantity is now consolidated.

Most of the products are in local inventory for fast despatch, unless it states "Dropships from Source..." on the product page.

All prices DO NOT include TAX or SHIPPING, which is calculated in the Checkout. There are some FREE shipping deals, but most require payment for shipping.

New Customer Loyalty program launched and select loyal customers will be added to this program and will always receive instant discounts, in addition to the other discounts.

Spend incentives introduced: Spend above certain key amounts to instantly earn percentage off discounts. This is for EVERY customer.

Sign up and create a store account to start accumlating your savings and it also allows you to track your shipments easier after your order(s) have shipped.

Thank you so much for coming to #GetSome and we hope to see you back here often.

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